We bring order and peace of mind to your project

Our business started in external and internal construction logistics in 2002. We've worked on the largest and smallest of construction sites across the nation. Our team can make the impossible possible. Most of the time, however, we’re simply making site management easier – because we always keep to our schedule, construction sites are quickly up and running and solutions are found to problems that arise. We have the power, fleet, and experience to do this.

We think about the before and after.

Whether it’s for route extension or partial modernisation: our teams know their way around a construction site. Our construction site logisticians don’t only organise the daily and weekly schedule. They also often accompany construction site planning long before construction begins - with considerable gains in terms of running times and use of resources.

Of course, we develop storage concepts, bring heavy machinery on site punctually and in the direction of work, even over long distances, take care of the professional transport of waste, are flexible in terms of scheduling, and provide experienced specialists alongside a wide range of vehicles. We also routinely organise exceptional oversized loading dimensions and special operational treatments. In the event of breakdowns or complications on site, we will be by your side - with solutions that stick to the project plan, despite any problems you may have encountered

Opportunity Creators

The reason we have had regular customers since 2002 isn't explained by our vehicle fleet and technology alone. Our staff arrive on site with passion, experience and intellect, every day and night.

Construction logistics specialist

Our construction logistics specialists are experienced veterans. They've already seen and experienced everything. Their calm composure, even with complex plans or tricky situations on the construction site, comes from this experience. They bring safety and reliability to your project - even in very dynamic situations. Which we all know is important.

Train drivers

"Every construction site is full of challenges. It's organised chaos. You have to have your locomotive under control, sometimes down to the centimetre. In the end, however, it all comes down to the team. The best train driver is useless without a well-coordinated team behind them.". This is what a colleague said the other day and it’s really all there is to say.

Wagon Technician

Our wagon technician keeps things running smoothly. They know the limits of every train as well as their potential. They secure loads that are typical for construction sites or special transports with extreme load dimensions (e.g. bridges). "You have to understand the technology completely in order to be able to assess operational safety," say our wagon technicians. Of course, this also applies in exceptional situations, after accidents or material damage.


No delay in operations. Foresight. Years, and often decades, of experience - and the Betra always in the back of your mind: this is standard for our Zf-Rb/Construction. "With us, the shunting distances are just a little shorter," they say proudly. How does this happen? "Every construction site is different. You have to care. Truly care. Then you are always ahead of the game.”

Disposition/Control Centre

Our dispatchers keep colleagues, locomotives and train fleets throughout Germany balanced, 24 hours a day and with exemplary latency throughout the industry. This reliability is the result of a healthy mixture of routine and ingenuity, so that all freight and construction site traffic runs precisely. LOCON dispatchers often make the impossible possible. Ask the site manager you trust.

Special Qualifications

It goes without saying that we also have additional qualifications, for example for tippers and locksmiths - on every construction site.

Our expertise for a relaxed construction site

Logistics conception and advice about construction management

Our construction logistics experts plan and develop the project together with all parties involved. Experience and communication are just as important for construction sites as technology and materials. At least.

Locomotives and freight wagons

More than 30 locomotives and hundreds of freight cars are available in our fleet throughout Germany.


Particularly in the construction sector, craftsmanship, planning and communication count. Our teams are among the best in the industry.

Disposition just in time

We supply every construction site with building materials on time and right up to the very top of the site. Site managers can rely on our circulations. Always.

Transport of construction machines and wagon groups

We bring cleaning machines, conversion trains, cranes, tamping machines and grinding trains safely to their destination - over any distance and even in complex feed systems.

Supply of railway construction sites

Since 2002, we have been supplying construction sites with all the materials needed with pinpoint accuracy - from warehouses, directly from suppliers, or from intermediate depots.

Waste transportation

Before and after construction: We ensure that project progresses, and that the construction site is handed over in accordance with the contract.

Certified transport of hazardous and non-hazardous waste

It goes without saying that we also take care of the professional transport of old material or building materials.

Here are some of our construction sites

Our vehicle fleet for construction logistics

Almost 40 locomotives are permanently available in our fleet.

Our workshop, the LOCON Service GmbH in Pinnow, ensures the operational readiness.

And some miracles.

Locomotives in use: 4

BR 203.1

1.305 kW
70 t
100 km/h max.

The All-Purpose Locomotive

A sovereign all-purpose locomotive with easy handling, especially for construction logistics. The BR 203.1 transports long building material transports as well as filigree shunting. It also runs in the port of Hamburg as a shunting engine. Multiple traction is possible.

Locomotives in use: 4

BR 214

1.050 kW
61 t
100 km/h max.

The Clean One

The diesel-hydraulic BR 214 performs medium-heavy shunting services in construction logistics and freight transport, optionally in multiple traction. The soot particle filter makes it the workplace of choice, in tunnels or in sensitive infrastructures such as the port of Hamburg.

Locomotives in use: 3

BR 293

1.050 kW
64-72 t
65-100 km/h max.

For connoisseurs and experts

Precise manoeuvring is possible with a good all-round view. It can carry complete trains from connections under the contact wire and is used in construction for ballasting and sleeper laying.

Locomotives in use: 6

BR G1206

1.500 kW
88 t
100 km/h max.

The Little Powerhouse

The strong one for construction logistics. We use them for the heavy transport of long rail units; ballast and sleepers.

Locomotives in use: 3

BR 248 DualMode

2000 kW
90 t
19,8 m
160 km/h max.

The new duality

With this locomotive we are well positioned for the future. Regardless of the tracks, it masters route services in freight transport and construction logistics, in heavy shunting or in follow-up actions with always equally available traction. And thanks to the particulate filter it also leaves a green footprint in diesel mode.

Locomotives in use: 3

BR Class 66

2.350 kW
127 t
100 km/h max.

The Heavyweight

Six-axle diesel-E-locomotive for heavy goods transport. Quote from the team: "The locomotive does everything and is indestructible. Only people taller than 175cm struggle in the driver's cab...".

Contact person

„Are you thinking ahead to the construction site or are you already in the calculation or project planning stage? As a full service provider, we can help with everything.“

Marvin Lidzba
Division Manager Construction Logistics

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Dietmar Schiller
Technical Manager Construction Logistics

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